Robert Edwin - Christian Songs (2008)

Robert Edwin

"Robert Edwin - Christian Songs" is an album almost forty years in the making. Robert played an active role in the 1960s "Church Music Reformation" when contemporary Christian music became a reviving factor in the life of the church. His albums, "Keep The Rumor Going" and "With Joy," and the "Synergy Series of Worship Experiences" helped bring the Gospel to ears that wanted to hear old truths in new forms. His ministry of music continues to this day with this new CD, "Robert Edwin - Christian Songs."

Track Listing

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Praise, Shouts, & High Hosannas
  3. Baptismsong
  4. Petition
  5. Jesus, You're A Butterfly
  6. The Lord's Prayer
  7. We Can't Run Away
  8. Communionsong
  9. We Are A Family
  10. Faith Will Keep You As One
  11. I Am Called To Be A Steward
  12. Post Mortem Presents
  13. Whole Earth, Whole People
  14. The 23rd Psalm
  15. Praise,Shouts,& High Hosannas (backing track)
  16. Baptismsong (backing track)
  17. Jesus,You're A Butterfly (backing track)
  18. We Can't Run Away (backing track)
  19. Communionsong (backing track)
  20. We Are A Family (backing track)
  21. I Am Called To Be A Steward (backing track)
  22. Whole Earth, Whole People (backing track)

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